DOM & pulling/stacking Improvements

I would love to have a middle column on the DOM to see orders that were hit at the bid or offer. Giving the option of Recording the contracts that were executed on the DOM will help give understanding how aggressive the buyers or sellers are at a level. Just like the jigsaw DOM. We can only see the limit offers and then I have to look at the footprint (bid/ask volume charts) for what was actually executed. Nowadays there are algos, manipulation from market makers etc. The pulling and stacking feature helps with building context for this but it instantly disappears and refreshes every second. Could we have it where you can let it manually build up and then refresh the count. I want to see at certain levels if someone keeps pulling or stacking the offer or bid. I’d be able to create more context with my trades. I love your guys platform because of the great charting software but the DOM needs improve if you want me to stay for 2023. Please look at Jigsaw for some references.

I love this idea. Would really help

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Scalpers provide Tradovate with a TON of commisions/fees… you would think they would want to make the DOM more scalper friendly… I’ve seen this request for YEARS on the forum here, but nothing is ever done