Adding features in DOM and Tick Streams

Please consider adding columns in DOM to reflect BID/ASK for market AND limit orders of ALL participants (retail and non-retail) SEPARATELY to facilitate better trading entries. Please also consider SEPARATING the BID/ASK tick streams so traders can determine with ease which side is more aggressive. Even better if there is a meter reading for pace of tape. Thank you!

I’m curious what this looks like, do you have any Images from other trading platform on how they do it?

There are already a few older posts requesting to add these features. May I suggest to combine all of the previous posts onto a single post, including the upvotes, so this request can be forwarded to Tradovate’s development team for consideration.

The features are to replicate Jigsaw’s DOM and pace of tape guage.

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what are these two columns if you don’t mind me asking? the 2 in the middle and the 2 on the furthers right of the DOM

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I believe the far left column is the current auction, 2nd left column is the bid column of price ladder. The right columns are bid/ask volumes I believe.

Here is an example of Motivewave’s DOM that shows buyer’s exhaustion at 3940 with bid volume of 62, which would make a good entry to short. Tradovate’s DOM currently doesn’t show this.

Please kindly UPVOTE for these features to facilitate better trading.


A footprint chart shows volume split in to Bid or Ask. That can be filtered by size if wanted.
Or if you want those features on the DOM like Jigsaw provides through Tradovate, you can have it straight away. You just have to be prepared to pay for something if it does what you want it to.

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I love this with the bid/ask volumes overlayed next to DOM - this would be excellent!

Also the other Jigsaw image above with the pivots is clutch. :+1:

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It is an absolutely necessary feature, I already voted for it. I attach capture from SierraChart: bid&ask columns, and in the middle trades really exectuted at the bid or the ask, highlighting the last ones.
Also the capability that levels from charts are automatically added to the DOM, as in the left column of this image: apart form the vol profile, you can also add inidcator values, like yesterday’s, last week’s, month’s OHLCs levels, today’s initial balance, value area high and low, POC…