Reset Chart Settings?

For some reason, when I switch charts, the indicators (e.g. Volume) resets to its default position of 50% of the window. I move it down, switch tabbed charts and return to find it back to 50%. So I am thinking there is a SNAFU is my settings. Any thoughts on how to reset those? I’ve tried deleting all my saved work spaces and completely starting with a new workspace. But seems there is a setting somewhere for charts that is off.

Thank you!

It’s not just you, my charts are also messed up. The indicators are taking up 50%, or 33% depending on how many I have. I was going to try what you did, recreating my workspace, but now that you’ve tried it I won’t bother lol.

I tried another browser, same problem. Cleared my history, cache etc, same problem. It’s clearly a problem their end as it’s only started happening in the last day.

Always good to know I’m not alone. Support said to turn off continuous auto fit, but I had already done that. And they then replied that it is a known issue.

Cool, it’s good to know they’re working on it.

I have also the same problem. It’s not the same issue on the desktop version. Only if I use the web.

Doh! Hadn’t thought to use the desktop version bc I use a few different computer.