Chart auto scaling bug


When I switch from one chart to another, it will auto scale after about 2-3 seconds. This is with auto scaling off on both charts. The only remedy to this is to move the chart around a bit when I switch back to it and then it won’t auto scale. This is annoying because sometimes I just want to switch back and not have to move the chart to prevent it from auto scaling.

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@BWeis what do you think of a new Bug reports category in the forum? They’re scattered around at the moment.

@BZF @Subspace

It’s actually best to report these to our support group directly. This will help ensure they get logged for the developers

Submitted it to support. Although, I agree with BZF that a bug forum would help the community.

This issue I’m describing seems to be widespread. I’ve uploaded a complaint from another customer on Trustpilot. See below.

Do you have a ticket number you can share? I will follow-up and see where it is with the team

Ticket number: 72188

It’s two issues in that ticket. One is that the candles on the tick charts lag. I’ve included a video for that.

The other is the chart repositioning itself when switching from another chart. It happens sometimes and other times it’s fine.

Thanks. I will check with the support team on this one.

Two quick questions:

  • Chart drawing lagging the last price updated… Do you have any indicators on that chart? Particularly custom indicators. I’d like to see if the support group is able to reproduce this one. Also, it looks liek there was a screen recording submitted with the ticket that is unavailable now. Would you be able to update the ticket again with a fresh link?
  • Auto scaling of the chart… This almost sounds like a config for “Autofit” was not reset when disabled. We’ll need to see if we’re able to reproduce that condition

I have the built in Keltner Channel and single ray line on the chart that is having this issue. It only happens on the 2000t chart. I’ve tried removing all indicators and drawings and it still lags.

Video of the candle lag:

I can confirm that this happens to Footprint charts too. Especially during high volatility. In fact just a few minutes ago I witnessed that the price was moving down but the bar and numbers were not.

This seems to happen to ticks charts for me. 5m/15m/1hr all update fine but the tick charts are lagging.

Yes, this is still happening. Specially in bid-ask volume graph and delta graph. Price moves but the chart does not update. I need to scale back and forth to see the footprint updates. Very frustrating. I logged many times in the support team but they said they could not reproduce this and now I see there are some other fellows with the same error.

I know this is an old thread, but it’s worth noting that I’m seeing this exact behavior on the bid/ask (imbalance) charts - numbers not updating as price is moving.