Missing Indicators

I tried to log into today to my desktop version to see that my workspace was completely gone. It had auto reset to the Tradeovate default. I loaded up my previously saved workspaces just to see that the community indicators are not assessable. I logged in to the web version to notice the same.

I cannot access the community indicators to accurately setup my chart. I’ve lost all settings and my previously saved space is no longer working.

There is a glitch in the API loading for the chart indicators that they are working on. I advise patience and not to panic if you like Tradovate, which I do. The last 2 days have been trying, but I find that overall the platform is more user friendly then most.
Take Care

Appreciate the reply. Happy they’re working on it. To be honest, ToV has been working better the past few months and I rather stay with them. I just didn’t know if something went haywire as nothing was loading today.