Custom Indicators not accessible

I have just started with a demo account on Tradovate and wanted to try adding a custom indicator to my chart. When I click on “indicators” → “explore community indicators” I do not have any indicators in the list. Whatever I am typing in the search box I do not get any results. I am using web version of Tradovate.

Anyone had a similar problem?

I get a bug like that from time to time, though it hasn’t happened in a while. My fix has always been to download and import the workspace that has a community indicator in it; it forces the platform to download all previously installed indicators and restores the community indicator search function

The problem I have is that I can’t even see any custom indicator in the list. So it is not possible to install anything at the first place.

Maybe you could try importing this workspace and see what happens

2022 share.tradovate (155.5 KB)