Community Indicators not loading after saving templates

I just signed up to a demo account for a prop firm today. I did in the past have Tradovate as my broker/platform but that was long ago. That said technically the emails are the same for both accounts.

This morning I login to my new prop simulation account and install the community indicators I use without an issue. My layout was ready and I even traded the morning. I then by accident refreshed the web page (hit F5). When the screen reloaded it was blank, when I check my templates they are all gone (even the ones I uploaded). When I tried to re-create my chart, the Community Indicators does not load anything. I did some searches and it seems like its a known bug but no resolution I could find.

I tried using a different browser, my default is Firefox I tried Edge and Chrome and the desktop all have the same issue. I tried a different PC as well, the same. I assume this is something with my account or something? Any suggestions?

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Yes, the community indicators periodically go missing. It is so frustrating. I didn’t have them at all yesterday. They came back first thing this morning, and then disappeared again.

Tradovate needs to fix this issue! If community indicators are going to be offered, they have to work! This is extremely disruptive to my trading.

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Agreed. Same issue that I’m having today. Desktop version will not load at all. Web version loads, but no indicators.

I’m have that same issue presently.