Custom indicators no longer available on mobile "Desktop Website" after 5/14/2021 "Scheduled Maintenance"

For as long as I can remember, my primary method of interaction with the Tradovate platform has been thru Safari on my iPhone (12 Pro / iOS 14.5.1 currently) and with the “Request Desktop Website” enabled. This has provided what has been a stellar experience in which I have nearly flawless access to the entire platform, legacy and “new” charts that I can actually scale in both directions (unlike the phone app that only supports legacy charts and does NOT scale in the Y-axis without causing a few more grey hairs attempting to get my fingers located just right between any boxes in the price column before pinching), and above all else, custom indicators, which are completely inaccessible from both the app and mobile website when not requesting the “desktop version”.

I had very little complaints with the way the platform performed in this setup until last night (5/14/2021) when the system came back online after the scheduled maintenance, and I immediately noticed that, not only were my charts suddenly missing all of my lines and indicators, but that the menu to add indicators to the chart is absolutely void of any custom indicators I have installed and that are still available when viewing the website on my desktop. For whatever reason, a decision seems to have been made to purposely hide any access to any/all custom indicators when viewing the platform on a mobile device, despite the “Desktop Version” being requested, which has always worked previously.

I find this decision absolutely preposterous and implore you to, please, revert back to the previous functionality and give me back access to the platform as I had been enjoying it. It is now useless without the indicators/setup I was running and if I can’t trade on the go thru my phone, then I really can’t trade at all, so you have effectively blocked me from the market with this update, which is extremely frustrating/disappointing.

Should be addressed for anyone affected

I also use the mobile website/app and indicators are no longer available. Can these be restored please? Thanks

Can you try to access the trader in an incognito window? They should be showing for you


They are showing in incognito window. Thanks!

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