Community indicators on mobile

Whenever I select “community indicators” on my mobile device, the app just locks up. Android phone (Pixel) about a year old.

Hello @NorthStarDayTrading, try to log in at directly from your mobile device if you’re not already doing so, this will ensure that you’re not using a cached older version of the mobile application. See if you can access community indicators afterwards.

The web access works. It I am looking to use the app. I removed the old one, and now the only one I can find is Tradovate Pulse. But there are no charts. Is the app removed and we are just using web access now?

Thanks for your help.

The Community can be accessed on mobile web by:

Open a chart
Tap the Indicators menu
Select the last option in the indicators menu - “Explore Community Indicators”

Perfect. All set. Thanks.

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Thanks Brian. I was using the mobile app. The web version has always worked fine.
I’ll use that for the custom indicators I’ve created.