Strange drawing behavior - Mac specific?

Finding some slightly odd behavior with drawing lines in custom indicators. The screenshot below shows what I’m seeing, where there are rounded corners on lines, such that they “bleed” over the edge of where they should be drawn. The curious thing is I have some folks using the same indicator which don’t see the same bleeding… We’re both using the latest desktop version, the only difference is that I’m on a Mac.

Any thoughts?

What chart are you using? The new Chart or the Legacy chart? This might help with trouble shooting.

New chart module…

Interestingly, now that I’ve looked… it doesn’t have the rounded borders on the legacy chart module… that might be the difference between me and this other guy as well…

Would the rounded ‘bleeding’ edges be considered a bug in the new chart module I wonder? Looks a good bit cleaner in legacy without them.

I would call it a bug. i’m still using Legacy charts because i find issues like this in the New beta charts a lot.

Thanks for this @MadCat I totally forgot that the “beta” chart module got moved to the new default


that’s my issue with new charts with the new release 1.210319.0/1.210319.1
Same with the beta release

With the previous version I did not have any issue

The very strange thing is that I can open a new chart but not inside the main panel
If I try to open the external chart and a chart inside the main panel after a while all screen becomes white for just one second and then these two charts become blank

After further investigation I noticed that if a workspace is populated by only NEW CHARTS the issue seems not affecting the system

I will update on this

P.s.: another issue is that X AXIS on external modues are visible only when the mouse is inside the charts