Trendline in beyond future bar

Hi Community,

Why isn’t it possible to draw a line beyond the last bar? I’ve seen this has already been requested many years ago but still isn’t possible. I don’t mean a ray, but just a line,

When can we expect it?

I believe this is possible on the New Charts but not on the Legacy Charts.

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How do you do that? I’m not on the legacy chart, but can’t do it. How do I access the ‘new charts’? I can’t do it on both web and app(Mac) version.

The “New Chart” is just Called “Chart” now see image it is highlighted in blue.

I am also using the Desktop App (Mac OS version) and i’m not doing anything special to draw the line past current bar it just works as expected for me. I know that it will not work on the “Legacy Chart”, but if you are using the newer chart i’m not sure why its not working for you.

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I did manage to get it to work on the web version. Thanks!