Draw lines beyond current price

Need to be able to draw a line beyond the current price.

Attention to this would be really good to make drawing lines functional in all practical purposes.

Many thx

Hi Mart

If you draw a line on your chart, you can double-click on the line to open a configuration modal. I this modal you can set the line to be “A Ray”. This setting will extend the line indefinitely in the direction it was drawn:

Thx BWeis but I was looking to be able to draw the line beyond current price to where I want rather than the line extend indefinitely,(?)

It makes quite a difference in their usability.

Many thx


Got it.

Moved this back to Feature Requests (where you had it originally).

Thanks for the clarification

Hi BWeis.

Thank you.
Please delete the other post. I re-posted because I thought it was in the wrong section.

To elaborate:-
3 issues or Feature Requests:-

1) As per first post, it’s very difficult to draw a sloping trend Line to the current bar
and then constantly adjust that line to account for subsequent bars, especially on short term charts as bars print quickly.

Having said that, I can draw the trend Line as a Ray and then revert it back to a Line via the check box.

But it’s just not practical in real time to go through the following six mouse clicks:-
Click on Drawing Tools icon on chart then,
Click on Line icon, with default set to Ray then,
Draw the sloping trend Line, as a Ray then,
Double click on drawn Ray line on chart then,
Un-Check the box for Ray, (to have the line drawn shorter all be it now to the bar and not beyond it to where I want it) then,
Click Save.

I’m needing to go through this process for every trend line I draw .

Hence my initial request to be able to draw a trend Line to a point on the chart beyond the current price.

2) Also it would be good to be able to customize the icons that appear on the chart as the cursor hovers near top left.

This would reduce the clicks by one, from (first click) Drawing Tools icon then (second click) Line icon straight to just (one click) Line icon.

3) Lastly, I’m often finding having selected to draw a Line and applied my first click from where I want to draw the line (even as a Ray) then click the second point of the line, it doesn’t draw the line. Often I have to try this two or three times for the line to appear.

Hope that makes sense.

These issues (for me at least) are really important points for usability.

Again my thanks

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Yes, I would also find this helpful. As Many suggested, I think being able to draw a finite line with definite end points beyond the current price would be helpful for some types of markings, and would help the user to manage the cleanliness of their chart (e.g., a series of rays extending indefinitely can look cluttered and feel confusing)

This is planned for an upcoming release. I will keep this Topic updated.

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Would you be able to contact our support group about this particular issue? We’d like to look into it further for you. You can hit them from the chat on the software, or by sending an email to support(at)tradovate(dot)com

Also, when you extend the Ray, you cannot easily select on the box.

I like to use rectangles to project supply and demand zones. It would be nice to have the ability of drawing them in front of the current bar. Currently, I have to use the Ray option but it eventually makes my charts very messy.

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i usually write a lot of points in the text cause it goes further on the right but we we need a lil space on the right side of the screen to draw candles for exemple which i do drawing a thin line withing a tick line to see my forecast but dont have a litle space on the right at least for 3 candles please …sorry for my english

I agree – the “ray” makes it hard to find the rectangle. I am aways scrolling way BACK and having to switch timeframes to delete a “ray” rectangle.
Also, having a label on the rectangle bottom and top lines near on the right side would be great, so you know the price. I am always “drawing” a line in my mind to see what price my rectangle is set at.

I like Mart’s suggestion to be able to draw lines without so many clicks. A thought is a hot-key sequence that we can define. Also, possibly keep the line function going (like ToS)… although I hate having to go back and go to “pointer”. I am an old DOS UNIX C person – so hotkeys are great (no hand to mouse action required). I see alot of traders using hotkeys.

Additionally, the line function staying ON, would help get around another issue that I posted, which is drawing abc/ 123/ Wolfe waves/ etc… if the line stayed ON, you could draw “x” lines consecutively. Yet perhaps if you made a line-to-line function, it would do a lot more than allow consecutive line drawing.

GREAT WORK expanding the tool, btw.

In Chart (beta) Release 1.201020.0+