Better Drawing Tool For Trend Channels

Drawing a trend channel from support/resistance rather than drawing it from the mid-line.

By starting a trend channel off of the desired resistance or support; you know the channel is exactly where it should be. I find that from there it is easy to find the channel and a mid-line naturally falls in place by being a 50% data input and low and behold it is always in the perfect spot according to the price action.

When drawing from the mid-line first it creates a lot of extra work trying to adjust each end of the channel and move the channel where it should be. Angles can be off, you have to drag and move the channel over and over to get it right and the top and bottom lines are very finicky when adjusting to the desired spot.

**Another cool option would be being able to copy/duplicate drawn lines so you have a clone of a line drawn at support or resistance to be able to form a channel. And from there to take it further you can add a 50% data input to be your mid-line.

This is needed… I was thinking the same.

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You mean something like this?


Exactly that! Is that TradingView or something?

Yes it is Trading View, I figured it would be better to have a Visual aid on the post.

Exactly! Nice demonstration. Lol. That would be WAY better. That’s how it should be drawing a channel.

I just realized you can at least duplicate lines… hold ctrl and double left click on a drawing and it will duplicate it. I think this is faster and more intuitive than the current trend line tool (as a band-aid solution for now).

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Oh that’s a nice little trick. Thanks for sharing! Yea that will help at least for now. All it’s missing is a mid line or if they just fix the current trend channel tool itself.

I agree this would be good if they would make this adjustment to the trend channel drawing tool

This has been asked for numerous times but it doesn’t seem like it is being resolved.

It has not, but they just added and new trading tool this last patch so maybe there is hope they will fix this one next. If not i’m going to be upset.