Fix Trend Drawing tool

This is a continuation of two requests that have been marked as completed in my notifications, but the function still has a major flaw that makes it harder to use than just putting down a line and duplicating it.

Currently when you use the Trend drawing tool you have to determine the slope of this new trend using the midline, which is awkward at best, and inaccurate at worst. A much better implementation would be to just add the functionality into the line drawing tool by adding a second option in the middle of the line where you can expand the second edge (and midline) to whatever width you want.

I marked up a drawing to better explain:

I did see the indicator and that improves it a little but still functions pretty poorly: Can’t change line styles and it starts really thin. Hard to move the line once it’s in place.


Any update on this? The trend drawing tool is 100% useless atm.

if you utilize drawing tools alot and your trading depends alot on it. Tradovate is not the platform to use. The drawing tools atm are literally garbage.


I was a little irritated with the channel drawing also so tried to make one that sucks a little less. It is a variation on what was already in the community offerings. It’s called “Extended Price Channel”. Maybe this will help, it is good enough for my purposes, and less annoying to me even though it isn’t perfect.