Support Channels and Resistance Channels

Currently there is a general trend direction feature that has three parallel lines, but it is for the general direction of a market and is not very precise. A support channel is drawn by clicking on the first support price, then dragging a line to the second support price,and then grabbing the upper parallel line and dragging it to the furthest resistance point between the two support points. There is a middle line that price action often interacts with and it can be useful, but it is invisible and one only sees the price interaction with it. Using the trend feature to draw a support channel requires finding the beginning of that invisible middle line which requires much trial and error to get the support and resistance lines to precisely line up with support and resistance points.

If you know of a Platform the has this, please state it for reference, and also Pictures of what your are talking about would help.

The other platforms that have support and resistance channels are;; and power etrade to name a few. The first two are free but with etrade you need an account. I have attached a picture of what a support channel looks like. When I took the snapshot, the mouse pointer was hovering over one of the end points, which then shows all three points on the channel that can be adjusted.

Just so you know the Tradovate “Trend” tool is named poorly, it is actually a “Regression Channel”. I had to learn the hardware about that tool. But I agree this tool you speak of is needed. Here is the post i started about it Tradovate's "Trend" Drawing tool needs fixing

Yes, the tool is mislabeled. It is a Regression Channel as you said, not a Support Channel. As a Regression Channel it seems to be working correctly. That is why I made a new request for Support and Resistance Channels, since the platform does not have them.