Tradovate's "Trend" Drawing tool needs fixing


The “Trend” drawing tool does not behave as one would expect.
Grabbing the left control point on the center line the tool moves as expected.

Grabbing the tool on the right side it behaves oddly.

Not sure why the center line would ever move the Green line? It seems like there is a “Double Transform” in the constraining process somewhere.


This is how i would expect a “ Parallel Channel” to behave.


Can you please address this? The tool is awkward to use and take 5X the amount of time to adjust into place and also just as awkward to make adjustments once in place.

If unable to fix the “Tradovate Trend” drawing tool can you please make one that works like the “Tradingview” version posted above?


Ahh yes… This is actually a linear regression line (according to SierraChart). I think it probably should be renamed as such.

Would be nice to see a fibonacci that can be angled (a three-point fib, aka fib channel in TradingView).
I’d also like to see a pitchfork/median line tool (andrews/schiff/mod schiff) with all the bells and whistles that are in SierraChart and TradingView.

Having a fib channel gives the ability to draw action/reaction lines.

A pitchfork, while it can be drawn by hand in tradovate using a line, a fib, and a ray, it would be much better to offer a single one-click access to such a tool.

Powerful tools to have, both of them.

Hi @Jason

We’re updating our charts currently and one of the side effects of our update will be that drawing tools will be MUCH easier for us to add. If you wouldn’t mind adding these requests (fib channel, pitchfork) to the forum separately, it will ensure we dont lose track of them and allow us to prioritize based on user popularity

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@BWeis Can you share any details about the new updates you’re planning for the charts? Sounds like a nice overhaul.

When is this chart update coming? anytime soon?

Hi @MadCat

You can view the list of updates that were released to our beta version here:

Beta version 1.200821.0 (web only) - Release 08/22/2020