Drawing Tool Improvement Ideas

Tradovate is a great platform but Drawing tool in my opinion is the weakest overall, in general the drawing tool need overall improvement as with few listed below but not limited. This is based on PC desktop version (latest of this writing) but i believe it applies to Web and Mac users.

  1. Drawing line length is limited, yes, you could set it to ray or line but you will need extra operation every time you draw it unless you set it to default but a lot of time you don’t want to ray or line that goes infinite, just to draw the length you want.
  2. Drawing line some time does not work (doesn’t draw, don’t know why), its not reliable under some condition. I believe someone out there must have experienced this as well. Can be resolved if i reopen the chart.
  3. Same applies to horizontal and vertical line.
  4. Trend line (also known as channel in other trading tools) is not intuitive and hard to adjust/use. Other trading tool that ive used before is much intuitive, example could be TradingView, you will know what i mean if you give it a try setting a channel in chart.
  5. More drawing item such as arrow would be nice, currently the supported item in drawing tool is very limited although suitable in mot of the cases.

PS. Once again I like Tradovate and i want to keep using it, i just really hope drawing tool can be improved in terms of user experience because at the moment its frustrating whenever I use it.