Is the Williams Fractal still functioning

Hi everyone. Does this indicator still work. I believe I have it downloaded and enabled correctly but I am not seeing the triangle fractals that should appear on my 3 minute bar chart. Any feedback would be great. TY


Are you using Legacy Charts by chance?

Hi LDT. I am new to Tradeovate and I am using the simulated trial and charts. I don’t know what your reference to Legacy charts might be, sorry.

When you click the “+” button on the top left to add a module, you have options to choose a new “Chart” versus a “Legacy Chart”. I don’t use Legacy Charts and miss bugs that only appear in Legacy Chart.


I just confirmed that it doesn’t work on Legacy Charts.

Got it. Yes correct, it doesn’t work on Legacy charts but the other chart option works. Thanks for pointing that out. Kind regards.

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