TPO feedback

Crashes when trying to set ETH session close to RTH open. Unable to get back on the chart to change settings cause it instantly crashes. Possible to implement seconds to fight this?

Would be nice to have TPOs # per row option on left side vs a sum at top (both if possible)

I know the databox includes total volume but on the VP it would be nice to have an option to show total @ top AND per price. Very helpful when referencing quickly.

Also not able to change TPO’s time frame off 15m

Mine has crashed on me at least 5 different times… Almost unusable.

When looking at a TPO chart & toggling Volume Profile On/Off - It locks. Just trying to zoom in and out, or move around the chart it sometimes locks as well.

Also - I just tried to load a normal 30 min candle candle & when I added Volume profile (Under free indicators) it crashed - This was in the Chart Beta module. This has happened several times to me - I cannot get it to load.

When I say crashed I should say the window just goes black and unresponsive. I wait a few minutes without touching anything and I get the “Page has become unresponsive” error. I click wait and it never comes back.

Also when it is loading a TPO chart is takes a very long time and basically ties up my browser until it is done. It just seems like it is locked and my mouse cursor goes away and I cannot do anything at all while it loads which takes 15 seconds or so.

I am on Win 10 W/Chrome if that helps. I have plenty of RAM and a decent speed processor. Cache and cookies were cleared.

On the good side - It looks good with plenty of options when I can see it :slight_smile:



I have used the beta link for web only, i login, i have added the Chart(beta) but have no data, ive tried multiple times on my PC and Mac, cant get any data, if i load a regular non beta chart i have data but the no updates. Am i doing something wrong or is anyone else having this issue?

I just had that happen and it locked up my PC so bad I had to unplug it. I couldn’t Ctrl+Alt+Del to end task or anything.

The screen went from a blank Tradovate tab with no data (presumably it was trying to load a chart) to a complete black screen. Just went back, mouse cursors vanishes…

I gave it 10 or 15 minutes and there was no coming back from it.

I know it is a beta - so no big deal - That is why I am reporting it so hopefully it can be resolved.

Thanks much


Hi @Donovan_Ward, @TipTop, @alcoco

Sorry you’re running into some issues with the beta version. Would you be able to Private Message me your:

  • User name,
  • The workspace you’re using,
  • A copy of your browser console log (to grab this, you can press ctrl-shift-i (on a windows PC with Chrome) make sure you select the “Console” tab in the window that opens and right-click and “Save As” the contents of that window),

A video recording of what’s happening can also be helpful for us

We’ll review and see if we can diagnose the issue

I had to reset my workspace, i selected the default workspace then added in the Chart(Beta) and its working great,
One thing i would like to see is the ability to change the opacity of the TPO POC line, its so hard to see with almost any color, as well as the VA of TPO,
Love the extend POC of TPO and VP, great job overall really looking forward to the full release

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Hi everyone. Thanks again for sending feedback through on the TPO charts. We were able to reproduce a case where the app was hanging when switching to TPO chart type. We have a fix for this particular issue and will be pushing it our to Beta this evening during our maintenance window (5:00PM - 6:00PM ET)

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There are a few hidden functions that might not be apparent without an overview.

If you hover over the TPO Session header, it will display the volume in a statistics box. Additionally this type of function will display per letter on hover:

Also, if you zoom in on the volume profile, the numbers will show if there is enough room to draw the minimum font size:

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I just checked out the new release and it is a HUGE improvement.

Works perfectly now on my end. Loads quickly, everything is visible, zooming/scrolling works great, etc.

Kudos to everyone @ Tradovate for making a great product.

Thanks much,


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Hello - TPO charts are very clear on the dark background. It would be nice to be able to change the colors for the arrows on the “Open” and “Close” of the bars. Also would be nice to remove the Globex session the same way you split/merge the profiles. But looks great so far…


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You should be able to just show Regular Trading hours by just entering the time (8:30 - 3:30 CT) in the first session. Delete any 2nd session you have and it will show only RTH.

yup thanks. Just needed it as a one-click like to split profiles and merge instead of going into the settings. many thanks…

is there a way to restore default setting in TPO charts i was monkeying around and i cant seem to return

Hello - another view I would like to see is have the ability to have each profile whole and spilt next to each other. I’ve attached an example. many thanks again!

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Suggestion: when hovering over TPO: to split and merge the particular day/session profile, one only has to press once right mouse button (instead of left mouse button and then select from menu).


It would be great to be able to hide the Volume Labels (Amount) in the Volume Profile.

And it would be great to have the Volume Value Area drawn as a Bar in a different color than the Volume Profile.

And please add more colors to the background of charts (not only dark and bright), blue is my favourite.

When Volume Profile Value Area is drawn as a Bar: would be nice to have a Highlight of VPoc.

It would be great to have the Value Area of TPOs drawn as a Bar with Poc.

And have TPO and VP overlap, like in TT Price Distribution Charts. Saves a lot of Screen Space.


is this WindoTrader?

Has there been any thought on being able to see the actual “values” of value areas and POC? Currently I am having the zoom in and guess using the cross hairs.

Would seem you could just add them to the data box?

Request to make the initial balance lines a little bit thicker, making it easier to see. currently it is difficult to see price interaction with these ranges if you try and zoom out to see multiple days.