TPO chart: expand / collapse session behavior

Loving the new TPO chart type in this release. Truly exciting and awesome work.

Here’s one thing I instantly reached for but sadly couldn’t find:

Right now, all the TPOs are aggregated together into a distribution (just the way they should be!), but it would be greatly helpful in spotting period tops and bottoms if we could be able to also view that session by looking at the periods broken out… expanding the collapsed distribution out into the constituent periods…

Here’s a screenshot from another charting platform to illustrate:

Now granted, I understand one could also just look at a 30 minute candle chart to see the range of each period, and that’s really the workaround for me right now… but it would be awesome to allow one to operate just in the TPO chart, and expand / collapse a particular session to see how it was formed over time.


An expansion feature like Sierra charts would be a great enhancement.

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@paidtofade If you mouse over a profile letter and left-click you will see a menu allowing a few different options related to splitting and merging. Will these accomplish what you are looking for?

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Why yes! Fantastic! Just what I was looking for.

Thanks Brian, I appreciate the help.

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As a quick follow up, one thing I noticed is that, when I have two sessions defined (basically ETH and RTH)… if I expand the ETH session, the following RTH session disappears. The RTH session reappears when I collapse the ETH session again. Pretty minor, but looks like unintended behavior.

Here’s a quick screen of how I have the two sessions defined:


We’ll look into that behavior.

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We’ve pushed out a couple updates the last 2 days. Are you still seeing the behavior you described above?

Hm, I am still seeing this behavior. I did a hard refresh of the site, clearing cache etc. I’m running Google Chrome Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit) on Mac OSX 10.12.4 (Sierra).

Here’s a screenshot of my TPO chart settings:

And here’s what happens when I split the Session #2 (what I’m looking at as ETH) prior to the most recent Session #1… Note that the subsequent Session #2 is shown… it’s just the session #1 in between those two that disappears

Before splitting:

After splitting:

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I’m looking to be able to expand and contract market profile in a different way. Here is an example of market profile contracted on 10/23/2020

and here it is expanded on the same day…