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I didn’t know Tradovate had TPO chart and this is major reason I’m moving my account now but I have a few requests.

  1. Could you make ETH TPO go on & off the chart with a click or two or better yet enable a hot key to toggle it on & off. I have to put up 2 charts right now,one with both sessions and another with RTH session only.

  2. Make TPO VA more easy to see with 2 bars for VAH & VAL. It could be nice if VAH & VAL value included in data box too.

  3. Make TPO POC easy to see also.

  4. Just for the current day if we could have both collapsed and split profile next to each other.

This will be the perfect TPO chart :slight_smile:

Is there a way you guys do the session minutes in 15 mins increment, it is limited to 30 minutes increment only?
On Sierra, I use 17 to 8:30 for the Globex, and 8:30 to 3:15PM CST.

Thank you

If you drag and drop another TPO chart, if you trade to load the saved template, it won’t take it for some reason, it only takes it for the one in where it was created, is it a bug?

On the POC line only extended shows up, the POC when “extended” is not checked, it disappears, or it hides behind the Volume profile so it seems.

Also, If an indicator is added to the chart, it remains there even if removed, E.g. If we add a Volume Profile chart or use the wrong saved template for the TPO chart. The previous indicators gets overlaid on top of the TPO chart See the following image with overlaid Volume profile not able to be removed.

PS I am stress testing the new TPO as this is a game changer for the platform.

Currently, we limit to 30 minute increments

30 mins increments for the profiles are Fine, it is that the sessions don’t run in 30 mins exact increments

Thanks you

We appreciate all the feedback @JulioC

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Some feedback and perhaps someone can teach me as well.
I have been testing the TPO charts since Monday and I have found the following so far:
First off kudos to the developers for the Beta release, I am impressed overall.
When setting the sessions one has to set it starting from the globex session from 16:30 to 8:30 the next morning, and the Regular Session from 8:30 to 16:00. However, this is the wat we could line up the 30 mins sessions as you can see in the following images below that they don’t exactly line up as per the limits set on for Session 1 and Session 2.

A period Start of Globex Session 17:00

E Period End of Globex Session at 8AM CST

A Period Start of Regular Session 8:30AM CST

o Period End of Regular Session

The periods cannot overlap between the start of the Globex and the end of the Regular Session, so basically you cannot select 17:00 and 17:00, the system won’t let you.
The best way to line up the time is by trial and error and looking at the chart. However, I might be doing this wrong as well.

It’d be nice if one can make the color of the price indicator of different color or more clear with a different contrast.

@ BWeis

I will keep testing it, and report back if there are most findings.
Thanks un advance for the support

Please include the Price Tag for the POC line and add the option of Value Area High and Value Area Low price values.

I am getting gaps in the letters for the end of Regular hours and for Globex, there shouldnt be any gaps

Can you please check if we are missing part of the data feed of it is just the chart rendering?


After a long session with support, there seems to be major issues with TPO charts:

The time configuration is wrong. TPO traders need the RTH session 0930-1615, and the ETH session 1800-0930 separate. Is this possible because changing the times does not work?

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I just wanted to post a quick update here.

We will be announcing some TPO webinars (for beginners and advanced users) within the next couple weeks.

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Tentatively we have planned:

TPO for Beginners - Tuesday, December 1st
Advanced TPO - Tuesday, December 8th

Details to follow

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There seems to be a bug in the TPO charts where I click on split profile, the chart disappears for the new web release? It also takes forever for the charts to show up, and once you click on the profile to split it, it disappears and a blank screen comes up.
The same happened after I updated the desktop version as well, same issue
Please fix this as it is unusable at the moment.

Thank you for reporting this. We are able to reproduce this behavior and will log a ticket with the team to fix

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Thanks for the rapid response,
please make sure to test it as sometimes with the previous version, it was slow while compared to regular candles charts, the ticks on the DOM slows down.

Here are the details and signup link for the “Beginner” TPO webinar:

Should be fixed now. Let us know if you see any further issues.

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Our “Advanced” webinar will be 12/8 at 4:30PM ET.

Details and registration:

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If you missed this webinar yesterday (12/1/2020), you can view the recording of it here;

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