Cannot see TPO chart

I’m having trouble seeing the TPO chart, I can see other charts such as the candle stick charts.

I was told to provide this file TPO.tradovate. As a new user I cannot post filed, so I’ve attched a link tot he file here

Hi @jason_6, Are you also able to share any contents of the browser console? The steps to grab the console differ by browser you are using. Are you using Chrome? Or a different browser?

Firefox w/ console snapshot:

Chrome w/ console snapshot:

On the chrome console, can you right, click in the console and “Save As”? And share that file? There may be some additional details further up in the log that will be helpful in diagnosing the issu.

Console Output:

Thank you for sending that through. Our next update should have a fix for that particular issue.

Is there a release date? I’m eager to cancel my current broker and Sierra Charts, I’ve been having way too many issues.