TPO chart disappearing at market open

I have had TPO charts dissapearing at market open in both the web and desktop app version.
In the browser I have to refresh to bring the TPO charts back.

See below for the issue, this has been going on in every version but I haven’t found it annoying until recently.

Hi @JulioC

Have you contacted our support group about this issue? They should be able to collect some information and escalate it to the dev team

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@JulioC This is for sure a bug. But instead of refreshing it, you can just move your cursor over and on the price axis and scroll down with the mouse scroller to scale them down. Once you see them back, you can scale 'em up again. Just slightly faster than refreshing the whole window. So this is a scaling issue.

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I reported the same thing but in the Beta forum. Not sure if that area is being checked now as charts out of Beta, and I didn’t get a reply there, so re-posting here.

I see there is an open ticket with the support group about it. I do not see that any findings have been escalated to the development team for investigation yet as the ticket is still active

The team still keeps an eye on all posts to the forum

Okay, and thanks for the update

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BZF - Today I tried your suggestion to click on the price axis and I did one click up and down on the scroll wheel and it worked. Thanks for the tip.

ps Very impressed with the Tradovate TPO charts as a whole though, they work really well :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks again for reporting. A fix for this particular issue will be released to our beta version (1.210129.0) this weekend

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Hi I am still having issues with this

Any fixes on the disappearing tpo? The current session vanishes while all my lines/drawings and previous tpo sessions remain visible. Ideas?