New (beta) Charts - Feedback / Issues

did you change the font style? It appears less visible

Bug with Chart Beta in replay mode.

Testing out using Chart Beta this weekend i discovered that you can not move the Chart Beta around (Pan) while the Replay is paused. Also the drawing tools do Not function while paused in replay mode as well.

Moving, adjusting, scaling, and placing drawings in the Legacy Chart while paused in replay mode functioned as expected.

I noticed that the new hot keys dont work for me, “Go to current bar” for example. I am using Beta Charts

Hi. Can the trade lines be increased in thickness again to how they used to be, or have the user option to choose whether they are shown thick or thin.
This is the new beta charts with very thin and for me, hard to see trade lines.

below is

This is a legacy chart with thicker more visible trade lines.

Version 1.210108.0 - desktop platform (TSTrader)
TPO chart vanishes on new session.
Forty second video shows a TPO chart for the ES where the blue TPO is the current one and it should start a new green and salmon TPO chart at the ES stock market open at 9:30am ET. Instead the chart vanishes and I need to flick to another tab then back to the TPO chart. Or be on a different tab at 9:30am then change to the TPO tab.
Video - 2021-01-25_12-55-20

My TPO chart settings.

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I have noticed this every time the market opens, I need to refresh my browser.

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@MadCat Please check this behavior in version 1.210122.0 (to be released this weekend 01/29/2021 to the browser). Its should be addressed in that version. Thanks for reporting this!

@BWeis The Bid-Ask Volume charts autofitting on their own (even though set to “Off”) makes it unusable at times.

I think it started with version 1.201002.0 (10/02/2020), and improved incrementally with one of the last updates. But it still occurs.

Is this a known issue?

@BWeis I should mention that this is with the Beta chart. Thanks.

Edit: Sorry, I guess the beta is live now. So this chart would be in production/live.

The way the chart works today:

If the current time is visible in the chart, the chart will keep the current price in view (i.e. it will not allow it to scroll off the chart).

If the current time is scrolled off the chart (not in the viewable plot area) the restriction does not apply

@BWeis Got it, thank you.

This makes it impossible to examine the structure on a current candle with a wide range. Very frustrating because it’s especially crucial to do so when the volatility is high and price action is swift.

Is this fixable?

I will note this to discuss this internally.

As a little background: This behavior was put in place as users did not want to keep adjusting their charts as prices ran up or down off the currently viewable area.

I see. Well then it would help if the height of the candle stays less then the window.

But once it exceeds the window, it has a less than desirable effect (sometimes the numbers disappear altogether due to scaling down so much).

By the way, I’ve never seen someone at the top so involved in the day-to-day improvement of a product and as responsive to the end user. Thank you for that.

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in the legacy chart the font is very clear. In the new chart the font is not clear, it’s blurry!!!

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Hi @giovanni_turrini

Just trying to collect some additional information. Do you access the trader on different PC’s / Monitors (where the screens have different resolutions)?

No same resolution on 3 monitors
Judge by yourself

Thanks for confirming.

We are investigating

The mouse performance lags significantly in the Beta charts. The crosshairs cant keep up. When moving drawings around it also lags. Manipulating drawing tools such as trend lines and fibonacci retracements lags and are cumbersome to modify compared to legacy. In legacy its easy to quickly change their sizes and angles but on beta it’s trickier to click on the dot that adjusts these things. This results in more frequently moving of the whole drawing when you wanted to change its shape. The buy and sell from the chart has a small delay vs legacy when popping or clicking to go away. These issues are very problematic for quick trades especially when trading the one minute charts. The legacy charts are excellent with these features and general speed. I’m hoping these things improve before legacy is taken away. Due to these functionality issues I far prefer the legacy charts. I’m very concerned about being limited only to the beta charts in their current state. Thanks for listening.

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Hi @BWeis
is there a way to move the indicators up and down on the chart workspace or do I always have to delete and add them if I want to change the order?

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