TPO chart open price mismatch with candle stick chart

please check the open price at August 21 9:30 am
they are not the same

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how did you get the TPO chart to load, im using the Beta web version, I loaded a new Chart(beta) but its blank

go to, add Chart(Beta) module, select TPO chart type

Thank you for the reply, I have done this multiple times, on PC and Mac, im not getting any data when i add a Chart(beta) to my workspace, everything works expect for the Chart(Beta)

Since I am not in US timezone, set the correct session start time, it works as intended.
you can close this issue

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maybe try to clear your browser session storage and cookies from chrome developer tool.

But sometimes I see empty TPO chart. dont know why, tried to clear browser session and cookies, logged in again, still no TPO chart