Add TPO chart type

We will have a way for you to configure multiple sessions:


Brilliant. Thank you.

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also more than two weeks of data?

Can we have the ability to setup a TPO or HVA chart from the contract rollover? That or multiple months or year? Really nice to have a quick visual to identify levels longer than a few days.

We will be discussing some ideas on allow longer timeframes. Will keep you updated.


We are planning to release TPO charts in our Beta (browser) version this weekend for users to review and submit feedback. Keep an eye on this forum for details:

Excited to check out the TPO charts.

Adding a total volume above the VP & Volume By Price would be great additional features for quick analysis.

You will be able to see the volume by price in the volume profile if your zoom level is at a point where the numbers have enough room to display. The numbers will resize as you zoom, but there is a minimum height that will be required. The total volume for the profile is (currently) displayed in a TPO Statistics box that is displayed when hovering over the TPO header:

We’ll be interested in hearing more feedback when you’re able to evaluate it in beta

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One step ahead of me. Thanks!

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Hi Guys, we’re planning on releasing TPO to beta (web only), with other improvements over the weekend. You can view the full details on what is in the release here:

You can refer to this post on how to access the beta version:

This version should be available by Sunday’s open. You should be able to see VER 1.200821.0 on the login screen.

One important note: The TPO Charts and all of the Chart-related enhancements have been added to the Chart (beta) module. So, don’t look for the existing Chart module to have all those changes:

Please also log any feedback/questions/issues to the Beta Program Category. We will monitor:

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  1. One thing that you may want to add is a small box with a line on the right Y Axis the current price being traded
  2. You may also want to add where in the period on that particular the letter where price started and finished trading with a different color for each of the columns on that particular letter.

. Not sure if you have reviewed other TPO platforms (E.g. WindoTrader, Sierra Charts, Investor RT) that specialize in this type of chart. I am excited to review and test drive TPO once Tradovate releases it, I wont be needing additional third party software for TPO charting anymore.
This will be a game changer for Tradovate to bring in more customers, as TPO charts are a niche in the Future trading community.

Thank you and keep up the good work

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You can turn on the last price display in the axis under the chart settings

Thanks for all the comments and feedback!

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I was posting years ago requests about improving the Tradovate DOM [adding an historical DOM/reconstructed tape, etc] instead of outsourcing to the Jigsaw DOM, sadly it was ignored or overlooked. Better late than never though.

IMHO the only ethically-justified selling of extraneous trading tools should be based on what works for you all in trading, not what image, demographics or advertising suggests is a marketable trading product.

How can I reset the settings to factory default for the TPO charts?

Does the session follow the market data from the CME, E.g. Market open 9:30 until 4PM EST?, or your local time for your PC?


How to configure TPO chart from chart beta?

Can we show how many ticks is the TPO chart sized to when we have it in Auto Sizing for the next releases?

Thank you