Add TPO chart type


Is there anyway to add more letter distribution? Right now I believe it’s at per point not tick.

You can adjust it, it is always tickets, but you probably have it on Auto mode. Double click on the profile again and uncheck “Auto” and put 1 in the box below.
That would make it per tick

I can’t get the above charts to do the same thing twice. Right now I have both of them with exactly the same inputs and one I can see the letters and the other I cannot. I’ve tried all sorts of views and dragging and not. Is there a trick to this?

zoom in and out using the mouse wheel, or you can double click on the right Y axis on the chart.

I’ve tried that but not double clicking y axis so I’ll try. Right now I get this view more than not. I have to refresh 20-30 times before it actually comes in normal. Anything I can do to prevent this? I really want to use Tradovate’s tpo chart but I have to make sure I don’t get these bugs on a consistent basis. Trying to test as much as I can.

After trying your suggestions none work. It just gets wider and wider. And the letters do show up. Also, it needs to be able to elongate vertically. Right now I can only adjust horizontally. Anyway to stretch it up and down not just sideways? And still not sure why both of the exact same chart with same parameters are responding differently…

*do not show up when I make it wider

Hold control and/or shift to control both axis’ zooms. Scroll with mouse wheel.