OHLC update

I’m requesting if Tradovate could update the native app for the OHLC data. There are a few versions of the ohlc indicators created but sometimes the data on prior days are different for time based charts vs non time based charts. If tradovate could have a native OHLC similar to sierra chart would be great. This way the data will always be the same on all chart types.

Here are the additional options I’d like to see added.

  1. Daily - Open, High, Low, Close, ***Asia Open/Close, London Open/Close
  2. Prior Day - Open, High, Low, Close , Settlement
  3. Current Week - Open, High, Low, Close
  4. Prior Week - Open, High, Low, Close
  5. Current Month - Open, High, Low, Close
  6. Prior Month - Open, High, Low, Close

Also like the option to have the lines customized to show across the whole chart or show a smaller line. (both will show labels of what it is)

This would be nice. ToS also offers the opening highs/ lows – right now I draw the lines each day / week. This would save a lot of time. :slightly_smiling_face:

This looks good, however, I would add options to select only Opens (or which ever of OHLC needed) , and add the 4 hour timeframe. Time frames could be selectable also.