Sierra Chart

Hi traders

I was wondering, does anyone know how to enable Sierra on Tradovate?

Is there a way to have a second logon or do you just use the same one as your Tradovate account?

Thanks in advance

Hi @mikesz

You can send an email through to our support team, support(at)tradovate(dot)com and they will be able to walk you through the setup

Do you have to subscribe to a second data feed with this?

Yes, with Sierra you need a second data. I would consider looking at Tradovate’s new beta version that includes TPO in lieu of Sierra.

Thanks Rick I tried to access the TPO to view today but when I select the chart type it will not load. addiitonally any idea when the desktop app will be updated with all the new updates?

Please make sure you are using the new web beta version found here -
Also, once in the version, you will need to add the "Charts (beta) module. If you try it in the old Chart module TPO will not work. Let us know if you have any issues.