Allow for Sierra Chart Order Routing

Sierra Chart offers Order Routing from their Denali Exchange feed through TT. There are two big benefits to this. 1) Server-side OCO and Bracket order management. They’ve tested the TT servers in Aurora, IL and recorded 1.5 millisecond routing. Many of us have had the experience of a volatile market pushing our client-side limit order fills 12, 16, or even 40ticks away from where we placed the order. This would alleviate that. 2) Their Denali Exchange offers up to 800 levels of Market Depth vs CQG 20 levels. Tradovate is partnered with Philip Capital and Dorman, both of whom offer TT. Philip told me that it is not up to them whether they can offer a TT connection. Tradovate, give your 3rd party platform users some love. Give us more options for our Datafeeds and especially support the Sierra Chart thing I’m mentioning.

Rithmic data feed would be great as well.


I can’t imagine the reason why 3rd party connections are limited to CQG. If Tradovate is the IB and the FCM is Philip or Dorman, then it doesn’t matter what data provider is used, the Account management part of the equation is Tradovate and the orders are handled by the FCM. From what Philip told me it’s the choice of Tradovate to limit it to CQG, it’s no problem for them to switch over to a different feed on their side. I probably just don’t know a lot of what’s going on in the background though.


Hey! New to Tradeovate here, signed up with Tradeovate for the cross-platform capability plus Sierra Chart and Jigsaw integration.

Any plans on DTC integration? Not thrilled with the idea of looking to another data provider for full support of server side orders. I really like the Tradeovate platform, but have little desire to execute via the Tradeovate DOM or charts unless I am forced to be mobile.

But after doing more digging, it seems the solution is either Tradeovate and Sierra Chart find a way to implement DTC Protocol or I subscribe to another data service (recommended seems to be via TT). Wish I realized this before moving monies, but if Tradeovate is going to advertise SC as one of the main platforms for 3rd Party integration, it seems there would be an effort to implement fully. Maybe I am missing something?

Hope there is a solid solution coming!

BTW- I also posted this at Support for SierraChart DTC Protocol


Bump! Please offer Sierra Chart data and their TT-FIX order routing instead of being forced to use inferior CQG!!!

Is there any ETA on this?!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

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CQG data this past week was unacceptable. Tradeovate needs to resolve this by moving their data over to Denali Data feeds ASAP.

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Totally agree! CQG’s especially bad in volatile markets when there’s high data load. Same is true for Continuum (CQG rebrand), hence why I ditched Ninja. I guess they just don’t have the infrastructure.

Remember the days when CQG was premium and THE feed to have? How things have changed…

I also don’t understand why CQG still doesn’t offer full market depth when CME has been offering it for several years now… I guess maybe the same reason - not enough data capacity… They really need to up their game!

Meanwhile, Tradovate… Can you allow us to to use Sierra’s feed and their TT FIX order routing, please??? Your clearing firms Phillip/Dorman already support it, so I don’t really understand the issue here. :confused:

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I was convinced I needed to take advantage of Tradeovate with my Jigsaw and Sierra. If I cannot use TT, I am no longer interested. Not so modern after all. I do not trade ag products so there is no use for CQG.


Hi Smedley, - I’m in the same boat, Jigsaw + Sierra, with the same issue, want to use Sierra’s TT routing…

But simply “giving up”, rolling over and putting them down as “not so modern” doesn’t accomplish anything constructive, either. Tradovate’s commission (free) model is amazing and worth supporting!

What we should do instead is keep pressing the issue (persistence beats resistance!) with requests and upvotes until they do what they need to and can take our money because I’m sure they wouldn’t mind. :slight_smile:

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I would love to see Sierra Chart order routing and some other data options like Rithmic, Denali, IQFeed, etc, or just have another option with more than 10 depth levels for the DOM.

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