Ninja Trader Ruined Tradovate - Finding New Alternative Platforms

I am sure you guys are all feeling the same to me. The constant crashes, the skyrocketing prices because of ninja trader for simple features to use, and the lack of updates in the past 18 months. It seams that Tradovate’s price is very disconnected to its actual value & is way over valued.

I’d love to know other Alternative platforms people are looking into?

I’ve been checking out Jigsaw, Sierra Charts and Edge pro x.

we are like step-child of ninjatrader at the moment


Another one I am planning to go with is Quantower, you can get the full version from Amp or Optimus

i can recommend sierra chart and edge clear. sierra chart is way better than ninja trader in terms of features, but it does have a learning curve. meanwhile their Denali data and Teton routing through Edge Clear is the most stable, reliable data stream. There are orders where my stop would be pushed 4 or 5 points ES in a flash stop run in the past and with Teton routing that’s basically gone. maybe i get pushed a couple points in ES under very volatile times. Essentially that pays for itself each year compared to all the messages I see and emails I get about rithmic and cqg fucking up and other traders complaining about their order fills and getting reamed over stop runs.