Today's platform crash is absolutely unacceptable

Why is your platform crashing in such an important moment?
From now on, do we need to worry about your platform crashing every time something important happens in the market?

Any time there’s going to be a lot of volatility I would be careful, or at least have pre defined stop orders

Absolutely agree, this is absurd.

it almost looks like tradovate wants all of us to – move away from tradovate , in addition, the fee structure is now increased to match ninjatrader for all new and current customers who change their membership.

I just started using this platform two weeks ago. It seemed great till this morning. Luckily I had closed my long position yesterday, but I tried to log in to catch an NQ short at 12315. Herer we are 100 points below that when it started functioning again. Does this happen much here? Not impressed.

Today is my first day using the platform, and this is a less than stellar first impression.

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i was able to login briefly for 10 minutes, but now the outage has occurred again, i cant login any more again. this is the second time after the first outage lasted for 35 minutes.

Is it a joke?
I paid 10 bucks for tradingview integration and the outage occured. Other platforms like AMP charges ZERO but works just fine.

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it never use to crash. I’ve been a user here for a year. It crashed about 2 weeks ago and now today. Kind of weird but i am hoping it goes back to normal times.

I TOTALLY agree. The fact that they are trying to charge like ninja trader is absurd. We are Ninja traders little kid. This platform isn’t capable compared to the ninja trader functions and they are trying to run our wallets. I say we all cancel our memberships if this continues and go on strike or look elsewhere.

any suggestions on what alternatives are comparable to them?

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Edge pro X is great it seams. I love Future Trader 71. Great guy who use to work at a prop firm.

For $35 dollars a month you get all of the capabilities of tradovate plus their replay system, journaling. the ability to export data and run broad statistical analysis in excel. It offers all of tradovates extra programs but for 35 dollars instead of 200 now. thanks to ninja trader. I am currently trying out their free trial. you should check it out. Customer service is also top notch from my experience.

Yep, this is unfortunate. After being double-charged for data this month (awaiting response for refund) and now dealing with this…

what is $200, is tradovate charging platform fee ?

I mean are they even going to acknowledge this giant outage? Is there even a post shedding some light onto what is going on?

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I am kinda expecting some sort of response after all this…

This was some Robin hood SNL type stuff

If you want extended tick data. Market Replay abilities and TPO, footprint charts. those are all add ons that cost a ton through tradovate. On edge pro x, its all included.

How much would be the whole month’s price to use EDGE PRO X ?
For graduate I pay the fee for real-time data 18 USD + the standard fees for trades
How much would it be for EDGECLEAR ?

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It’s $35 dollars a month. I have done their 2 week free trial and love it. I recommend you at least give it a try. I think it’s as legit as you can get. Very professional software like Sierra Charts or any of the other top of the line platforms. You also need to pay for a data provider so it will come out to around $50 ish dollars a month depending on who you go with for data if you decide to fully commit to them. you can always re make emails too if cost is a huge issue.

Check out FT71. Future Trader 71 on Youtube. Very Well respected CME, retired floor trader from Chicago.