I just made a trade and was up 2k then it stopped me out and took -350 dolalrs from my tradovate account

I made a trade at like 9:55 which was longs at 203.50 it tapped me in and gradually went up it made it to atleast 210.25 where I had moved my stop loss up to 209 which said I was roughly 1.8k in profit because I was in on 10 contracts. ( i did not know this ) but apparently news happened at 10:01 which is most likely exactly when my account randomly got stopped out at 200.00 which resulted in me getting -350 for the 3 point stop I believe but my stop loss was set at 209 which would of been a 5.5 point profit so I would of gained money instead of losing money. now my account is at 50k with a drawdown of 600$

what just happened to my account why am I now -2k drawdown when originally my trade was up big time. can someone running tradovate please respond and help me out cuz this is just insanely weird.

now my account is folded because I only had drawdown of 600 and my trade went to -650 then went straight positive for 9 points. can I get an explanation

Sorry to hear that. There’s 2 issues. When you put in a stop, it’s not a limit order. A stop triggers a market orders…and if it’s really volatile, the book is really thin, and you’re trading something like the Nas, your getting filled by a buyer on the bid…and by the time your market order triggers…wherever that may be…10 points lower or what have you.
Though, it sounds like you’re trading SIM on an eval. So who knows how they work that and figure in slippage. Be thankful its not cash money. There’s also the problem with Tradovate. I stopped using it when it started to cost me real money. I’ve had an account since they opened. I’ll copy and paste my post from another thread down below. And don’t expect anyone from Tradovate to answer you. This is a dying platform, unfortunately.

copy/pasted below
Don’t bother requesting. This forum and platform was given up on when Tradovate sold to Ninja for their customers. I’ve had an acct with TVate from the begining, and am grandfathered in with a couple things, there hasn’t been an update in 2 years or more, no one from Tradovate/Ninja visits this forum anymore. Brian Weiss has “new position” with Ninja…idk what happen to Greg…TVate’s main coder/IT guy that was always in here. It’s a dead forum. I’m just letting you guys know so you don’t waste your time wishing and hoping. Too bad someone couldn’t pin this post…but if anyone wants to copy/paste when someone posts a new thread, or even start a new thread with this post, feel free. It probably won’t help much, but maybe someone from the company will see it. In fact, the last time I contacted live “help” from the chart browser, they didn’t even know the forum existed. And when they told me they weren’t aware of any problems, I pointed them to this forum where there are complaint after complaint of the same thing…and then I never heard back from them. There were a bunch of really good coders building great indicators that gave up and moved on after awhile. It had promise in the beginning. Perhaps that was their business model, build a decent client base, then sell the Co.?
The platform has just gotten impossible to use, and the fact they no longer are compatible, or connect with Sierra Chart, is an another issue. I suspect because Ninja owns them now and would like you to use that platform. Fact is, for me, when blips or server connections start to cost you money, or spending a half hour everyday trying to get indicators to load, or not there even when you switch timeframes…it’s just time to move on…