TSTrader / Tradovate System Issues

I love using TSTrader don’t get me wrong but it shouldn’t be the prop forms responsibility to only inform traders of platform issues. My feedback is that the platform itself should also make aware to traders of any issues too if not first since it’s their platform.

I worked hard for my account. Now I’m at risk of losing it and having to start over from this issue when I can’t afford to. I didn’t even get to blow my own account. I know how to own up to my mistakes and just try again another day. But this situation has my account in a bad state and on its last leg over something beyond my control.

If TSTrader would’ve said something in an email or even on the app like they do with scheduled maintenance I would’ve waited to trade. Because of their negligence I now have to deal with this situation.

I do hold myself accountable as well because if it wasn’t for this experience I wouldn’t be going forward making sure to check the Discord server everyday. I honestly wasn’t doing that before. I was only using the help center page and the YouTube channel. But if I can hold myself accountable for my mistakes the platform needs to too for theirs. It shouldn’t be on the prop firm only to announce issues with their product. It shouldn’t have to be a blown daily loss limit for anyone to be made aware of the issue.

Thank you for posting something, I’m brand new to the topstep combine, and was super keen to use tradingview interface into tradovates tstrader tool, and it’s been a nightmare to find out what has happened, so that I can go to the source to find out about resolutions and what to expect. It’s been really difficult, and still is. Do you have any tips for where I find the most up to date info? Thanks codedprincess!

Also, I can’t find the Tradovate Discord you mentioned, nor does the Tradovate Bot give me any info about where it is. I’ve searched online, any chance you can send me an invite?

Did you find it? I’d also like to know about this.