Long term User Now officially Leaving!* Requesting Old Tradovate Verison

Okay I am now completely sick of Tradovate.

They have changed the data provider and the DOM updates as slow as my damn great grand mother. It updates once every second and now you can’t even tell the naunces of orderflow within the DOM. The tools are too expensive as well. This is literally Ninjatrader’s platform disguised in a Tradovate Font. There were reasons why Tradovate was special. Becuase it was unique! They have ruined it by copy and pasting their code onto the new platform.

I would prefer the old version as an option and that I can trade on it alone. Most likely leaving. Like 99%

I agree, as soon as my subscriptions finish I’m also leaving. Not sure if the NT version will be any better.
I loved using Tradovate however with thee last two crashes I can’t trust this platform with my livelyhood anymore. I have noticed things not working in the last few days. Market replay either freezes or won’t load data from 1 week ago, setting a stop loss is just acting weird, pulling me out of a trade when I’m nowhere near my stop loss.
Data freezing and not loading like the DAX which I paid for and can’t use because of this.
it’s a shit show now.

What’s the new data provider?

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This is very sad news, I noticed the Bate and Switch when I called to sign up for Tradovate. They pitched the Ninja Trader and downplayed the Tradovate and by screwing it up , it gives them leverage to get you to Ninja Trader, which I think sucks. So it looks like back to tradestation sadly. What they do not seem aware of is that because Tradovate has gotten so bad, its going to Reflect badly on them. I feel your pain. I got a letter about the Server being down and them making updates so maybe hold on another few days.