What's the future for Tradovate?

I like using Tradovate even after the crashes a few weeks ago however I’m fed up with many things and I’m wondering what the future holds for the Tradoavte platform.
Reading back through many requests from users from 2020 it seems to me that Tradvoate have finished with any further updates.
Basic impairments with drawing tools, where’s an arrow?
The ability to show trading session times rather than using the Volume indicator and having to disable most of that.

I wont carry on however, these are basic tools among many others that should be in this platform.
I’m thinking of moving to NinjaTrader however I see many people complaining about that platform that is constantly crashing or freezes and locks up.
I wonder what NinjaTrader have planed for Tradoavte if anything, as it seems the $115mil purchase of Tradoavte was a waste of money if they do nothing to further to improve the platform.

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