Tradvoate UI dead

I like the Tradovate UI for execution. I use Motivewave for analysis, as Tvate is lacking in some features. I find it extremely sad that Tradovate/Ninja won’t handle the most basic of simple requests. For example, there are years of posts pleading to show PnL in points or tick vs dollars. Seems simple and very much desired but nothing from Tradovate. I thought the Ninja buy-out would create more attention and support to the Tradovate UI (as it is the Ninja web UI). However clearly not. I suspect this UI is dead. One may say then just use NT8…well one can’t execute trades with a Tradovate account using NT8. Probably no technical reason why. I think they just want Tvate accounts to hit a dead-end. I think Ninja is betting they are the best option among poor options. May be true today but “not caring” opens the door to new competition. Unfortunate as I am or was Tradovate-faithful…losing my faith.