Buy Ask / Sell Ask Buttons @ Hotkeys

Could you please add Buy Ask and Sell Ask buttons and hotkeys. I know the platform supports it through some other third party API connections yet you hide it from us otherwise. Why?

I would like to second this request. I’ve seen it asked many times on this forum but haven’t seen a response from Tradovate. To me it’s absolutely bizarre to see a trading platform NOT have these buttons. I’m especially surprised to see these lacking from a platform that seems to have so much partnership with prop firms. Tradovate, get on it!

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I agree 100 percent. Tradovate is disappointing many. They are extremely behind the times.

Don’t bother requesting. This forum and platform was given up on when Tradovate sold to Ninja for their customers. I’ve had an acct with TVate from the begining, and am grandfathered in with a couple things, there hasn’t been an update in 2 years or more, no one from Tradovate/Ninja visits this forum anymore. Brian Weiss has “new position” with Ninja…idk what happen to Greg…TVate’s main coder/IT guy that was always in here. It’s a dead forum. I’m just letting you guys know so you don’t waste your time wishing and hoping. Too bad someone couldn’t pin this post…but if anyone wants to copy/paste when someone posts a new thread, or even start a new thread with this post, feel free. It probably won’t help much, but maybe someone from the company will see it. In fact, the last time I contacted live “help” from the chart browser, they didn’t even know the forum existed. And when they told me they weren’t aware of any problems, I pointed them to this forum where there are complaint after complaint of the same thing…and then I never heard back from them. There were a bunch of really good coders building great indicators that gave up and moved on after awhile. It had promise in the beginning. Perhaps that was their business model, build a decent client base, then sell the Co.?
The platform has just gotten impossible to use, and the fact they no longer are compatible, or connect with Sierra Chart, is an another issue. I suspect because Ninja owns them now and would like you to use that platform. Fact is, for me, when blips or server connections start to cost you money, or spending a half hour everyday trying to get indicators to load, or not there even when you switch timeframes…it’s just time to move on…
Good luck everyone!!