Ninja acquisition

I wonder what will happen to the annual membership zero commission model, with the NinjaTrader acquisition? I wonder why NT wnat sto buy TV, or what are their plans?

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Well, i guess all good things must come to an end at some point.

Is Tradovate the 3rd smaller futures broker that ninja trader has acquired in the last year? These type of moves never work out in the customers favor.

I really enjoyed Tradovate, this is quite disappointing news.


We think you’ll find that this is going to bring a tremendous amount of value to both company’s customers

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Thx for the reply. I know it is too early to offer specifics. Please share when they become available. For me (and probably others) a key question is about the annual pre-pay model.

MadCat, I looked at NT’s pricing model. It appears they are trying to be very aggressive, at least on MES (9cents). I understand your concern. Maybe this one may turn out better than you expect. MAybe NT/TV will set a new standard of pricing. Now someone needs to work on that CME monopoly.

We will definitely keep everyone updated as details become available. The immediate plan is:

Tradovate will continue to operate as is and there is no impact to our clients. As part of NinjaTrader Group, Tradovate will benefit from increased investments in all areas of our business enabling us to provide better products and services for the retail trader.

We’re both very excited about this as we share a common goal to provide a best in class offering for retail futures traders

I left Infinity Futures when NT bought them. I never liked the NT lease model. If NT leaves Tradovate alone, I will have no misgivings. This seldom happens in acquisitions. Besides, the NT ladder (they call it the Matrix) is no where as good as Tradovate.

We’ll see what happens. Basically, I am disappointed.

David, I have no information but my guess is that NT is looking to become a big player in low cost Futures trading. TVate gives them a strong API-based execution platform for any software. TVate gives them a modern, lightweight, windows or web trading platform. NT has a very large customer base. If NT encourages that base to move to execution on TVate (using TVate app or not), NT would quickly become a very dominate player. If they became a FCM then the vertical integration could cut costs to pass on savings or enhance margins. It seems to me that for NT to buy TV and not double-down the on TV model is like paying for an elegant cake and just throwing it into a blender. Of course, this is just my thinking, and nothing more. My gut reaction was negative but now I am optimistic.

Hello Greg,

Agreed… on the other hand, any acquisition is fraught with anxiety about will happen next.

If they let TV alone,I can support that.

Is this the reason my application is suddenly getting ignored? Are there no more tradovate accounts being approved?

We continue to process new apps.

You may be experiencing some delay due to the volume of new account applications being received. I do see that your application has been sent to Dorman for review and you should be hearing from our new accounts team.

We certainly apologize for any delay

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I’ll say this- before coming to Tradovate I wanted to trade Futures in ThinkorSwim because I had used it for stocks and options for years. When I got to Tradovate, I could not BELIEVE how much faster Tradovate is than TOS. Please leave a good thing alone and manage the speed. When Covid hit and tons of folks started trading, the execution speed of TOS went into the dirt and nothing ever happened to fix it (free platform). Do not do this with Tradovate. Just dont let it bog down. We pay a good amount of money in data and fees and commissions here- I, along with many others, are expecting the same fast execution and fill speeds.

Thank you

David, I believe that TOS routes Futures order through their own servers before orders make their way to the exchange. That extra hop (or processing point) and distance can add up.

I personally don’t like the NT platform compared to Sierra Chart. However, if this means that we can use NT without getting charged the .15 per side routing fee that comes with 3rd party platform use, then I have to reconsider continuing Sierra Chart. If instead NT ruins Tradovate’s commission offerings then I’ll probably reconsider brokers. Someone with connections to Ninja Trader told me that it’s not likely they’ll get rid of the zero-commission thing because that’s a main draw to Tradovate in the first place. For now I’m not worried