Tradovate is a Suckers Platform* - Long Term User Leaving

So it seams that now because Tradovate got acquired from Ninja Trader, things have changed for worse. In order for me to use TPO or Bid-Ask Volume Charts, it’s worth $720 dollars a year for the new “Order Flow +” Package & it’s not free. This has always been free & it’s sad to see Tradovate become a trashy, overpriced platform. This platform is for newer folks into futures it seams. When you like trading enough. Just leave and go to Jigsaw & Sierra Charts or something. This platform isn’t reliable long term & they are now trying to squeeze your wallets. The platform literally crashed last week on the open.

Thank you for the post.

For existing customers, nothing included in the Order Flow + package changes (TPO, Bid-Ask Volume Charts, etc.) and there is no additional cost. You are able to access these tools in the platform with no additional set up.

For new accounts opened on or after 3/4/2023, these tools are accessible via the Order Flow + add-on.

We hope this helps.


It’s crashed right now. It froze on the FED announcement then crashed. Luckily I was only watching the market. When I try to log back in it won’t. It shows a screen full of red code. BOO!


Same here! This has happened before as well! Watching Fed testimony and crashed twice. This time for 15 min at this writing.


that may not be totally the case, if you CHANGE you get treated as NEW

Okay I will re-consider then to possibly stay with you guys… I am currently out of town & logged into a new computer so it doesn’t load up my normal trading set ups page on this new computer. I am an old user yet I can’t open up new TPO charts. It seams very finicky.


I’ve been checking out edge pro x by FT71 & Sierra Charts are amazing. Edge pro x is only $35 dollars a month and it has way more functions to be able to help you as a trader holistically. Lmk if you guys like any other platforms because I’m shopping around.


what are their commissions ?

Holy moly an actual Tradovate employee. It is a rare sight


Will this be the case indefinitely or is it subject to change?

Did you mean accounts opened after 3/4/2023??

Yes, 3/4/23. Apologies for that. This has been corrected in the original post.

This is the current pricing structure, and there are no plans to change this at this time.

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Meaning you have no plans to charge for orderflow+ for existing accounts created before the cutoff date? It will continue to be included?


Mason Confer

Correct, for accounts that were active pre-3/4/23, OrderFlow+ will remain included free of charge.


I also closed my account and pulled all my money out. I think if you stay around on this platform to trade real money, you are just insane.
Amp and quantower work well.
Peace out Suckovate


Since 2020 I’ve recommended TradoVate for new traders. But with these recent changes and the inability to easily create private indicators. Bottom line for someone who streams everyday with the platform it’s getting harder and harder for me to continue to recommend the platform.

I always appreciated TradoVate for not trying to nicke and dime traders, but that appears to be the path they want to go down. Is it true vWAP isn’t included for free anymore? This is one of the most asinine moves a platform can make. It’s not if I can afford it, it’s the principle of what they are doing and then project that into the future. They’ll continue to find ways to be like the mobile game market, that’s the path they appear trying to go down.


Does lifetime membership mean for lifetime of Tradovate/Ninjatrader LLC or lifetime of the trader? I’m planning on keeping up my losing trading for sixty more years, hopefully NT will be still kicking.

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You weren’t paying attention if they weren’t nickle and diming you. I gave them a good review on Trustpilot about the top of the book index data being $2 and next week it was $4.

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REST IN PEACE fellow live trader. My major umbrage with Tradovate is the hook that they were the advocate for the little guy to lower comissions, when in reality it was quite a bit dustier and stinkier, LOL lads

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