Lack of updates and new features

I have been with Tradovate since February of this year and looking at the release notes there have only been two updates in 2022. Where are all the new requested features, and fixes to major issues that other platforms come default with? What is the point of this forum when everything we request goes ignored and unanswered? It’s very discouraging. I love the simplicity, speed of the dom and the commission rates, but I find myself using my own workarounds for way too many things that should be default to the platform. Anyone else feel this way? It feels pretty much pointless to put requests in. Hoping to be proved wrong so I don’t have to switch brokers again.

Customer service response times in chat feature are ridiculously long. they show I’m 43th in queue but it takes over an hour or more for attention. Tradovate needs to hire A LOT more support staff or they are going to die from bad reputation in trading forums.

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Since they were bought by NinjaTrader everything is getting worse. I’m actively looking for another broker, esp after system issues resulted in two trade losses which wouldn’t have occurred if the systems were up. The guys who built Tov took the $$ and are off.


Oh I had no idea about that. That makes sense then. It’s a total ghost town. I’ll probably be leaving to Edge Pro X after I do their free trial. Hearing lots of great things and that the customer service is excellent.

What does Edge Pro X commish look like comp to TOV?

You can request a quote based on your account size etc, but the one I got was ES - 2.39 per side and MES - .64 per side which is slightly cheaper than what I am a getting at Tradovate.

Am I reading the Edge Pro X site correctly - It looks like it’s a $35/ mo. fee to use their platform.

I have the same feeling in here.
Ninjatrader saw this platform as a possible rival and see what they are doing… Slowly putting aside this platform and at some moment, they will shutdown saying that was not profitable blabla
of course all the accounts will be transfer to ninjatrader and blablabla…


I like Tradovate, their platform, and their customer service — but I too have noticed the lack of updates and some general issues of various kinds. I’ve been here for not sure how long 2 or 3 years perhaps, and just recently emptied and closed my account. To their credit, closing the account was easy, and the large transfer went quickly which was appreciated. I don’t really know what’s going on but it has seemed things were iffy here even before the acquisition.

I had once guessed that maybe they lost a developer who built most things and then nobody understands it and it’s hard to maintain or update. That was one theory. Another I thought, is that perhaps they have reached the point where they realized software is more expensive to maintain than it is to develop. Another thought is that perhaps they started as a software company moonlighting as a broker, and now it’s more the other way around, which means the software side suffers. I really have no idea though.

I will say that I have read on CQG forums and see similar whining and complaints there as one can find here — “X feature is standard everywhere else”, etc — so while there may be greener grass somewhere, nobody is perfect, and I think the key is to find a broker you can trust more than anything, and one with software you can stomach secondly.

I have no ill will or hard feelings towards Tradovate or their staff, but from my limited outside perspective it does seem there is some struggle or dysfunction or lack of direction, or something, and so for me I felt uneasy and would rather have my pile of money and my ongoing learning process continue on elsewhere. I hope they get their feet back under them and stabilize their platform, etc.


Can’t agree more. Look at any other reputable platform/broker (ex: AMP, Multicharts, Ninja). Their forums have timely responses by support. You request something in this forum or have a question? You are lucky if it gets seen by a tradovate employee. I like the platform for its cloud aspect but the grass is greener else where currently.

You also have to consider the platform is completely free to use as well. Which also inevitably contributes to the issue. Sometimes you do get what you pay for.

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Honestly looks like they’re giving up on Tradovate. Still same glitchy problems, lack of updates. The guys/members that were the top coders in community indicators have given up on the platform and moved to Sierra. Tradovate looked like they were possibly gonna takeover for awhile but then fizzled out. Was hoping that wouldn’t happen when Ninja took them over. Still same probs with charts syncing, lines and drawings not showing up the next day etc.

Edgeclear’s EdgeProX platform is actually Motivewave platform. It’s high end and more user friendly than Sierra, but still has a learning curve that just takes a little time. It does have a monthly fee of 35 bucks for the platform through Edgeclear, which is cheaper than just getting Motivewave directly from Motivewave. They have a 2 week free trial and then switches to a free community version.
Visually it’s a very aesthetic, smooth, and very efficient

Totally agree. I don’t even think they are monitoring this board anymore. I would have expected someone to come in and explain or defend their position on this by now. I am currently in the process of setting up my account with Edge Clear. The trial for EdgeProX impressed me right away. It has everything I need and just simply works. Customer service has been excellent and responds within minutes to hours. Looking forward to cancelling my Tradovade subscription and moving on. Best of luck to everyone.

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Yep same here. I’ve moved on to Sierra Chart.

Yes I agree, I’m going to leave soon if they don’t change their approach. Jigsaw & Sierra chart! here I come!!! almost…

What?! I just got into Tradovate. Darn it!
So where is the greener pasture?

Tradovate has better relationship with Tradingview. Can Tradingview chart be integrated with Tradovate for the paid customers.

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I think they have that on the add ons page already

facts bro they just ignoring us