Tradovate Quickly Becoming a Dead Platform?

Ever since Ninja bought Tradovate, the promises of more and better features and better support of TV have been unfulfilled. I continue to have issues with both the app and the webUI - templates missing and not loading, the app hanging, missing indicators, etc. When you look at the support responses from TV on a wide-range of topics in this community, it’s dried up as time has gone on, and is almost non-existent in many cases. It seems like their plan is a slow death of this platform.

Yep its painfully obvious. NT abandoned TV and is trying to drive users away. I wouldn’t be surprised if nobody monitors this forum at all.

Agree witih @BR745 .
I have a ninja broker account and got excited when they added a web platform. Since then I also have multiple prop accounts on Apex using tradovate platform.
I strongly beleive that TV platform if far supperior to NT desktop in many aspects and is very frustrating to see no recent anouncements from development, lack of community support for indicator development and this feeling of abandonment and stagnancy.
Ninja’s PC NT8 platform was laggy for me and inadequate for mobile trading or unreliable internet connections. Tradovate is much lighter and modern technology and fits a lot beter to my needs.It is hard to understand why this is happening