Is Tradovate down?

I can’t login to the web app, is Tradovate down again?

I’m bumping this again, on two different computers I can’t open the web version of Tradovate,
Anyone else having this issue?

The app also seems to be corrupted. I can’t change the language, check out the screen shot.

Is anyone monitoring these discussions from Tradovate?

Guess not!

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Clearly to me Tradovate is a done product now that Ninja have hold of it. I have enjoyed using Tradovate however time to say good bye, there’s way too many issues with the program and there’s no response from Tradovate.

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@Simontrades let me know who you find. Didn’t really want NT

desktop is down , yet again, customer service just hangs up on customers now.

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no they are not, no they are not

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