Tradovate platform doesn't fill my stops or let me exit my positions

This is the second time this has happened. The first time, support tried telling me it was an issue with my internet. Price hit my stop and did not stop me out. The “Exit at mkt” button didn’t work either. I’m unable to cancel working orders via the phone app or desktop app. I was short 3 contracts and ended up click “Buy Mkt” button 3 times to exit the position. A few seconds later, it fills me long for 3 contracts, which I had to immediately exit for a small loss.

There is nothing wrong with my internet as I tried doing this on my phone on 5g also.

Same here! I’ve recorded a video showing it not executing the stop loss on my desktop AND phone!! What do I need to do to exit the position?

Won’t even let me cancel my previous working orders that were part of my initial bracket order… So it’s going to fill me long when price hits those prices and support isn’t picking up phone or answering the chat.

Send a message to Support INSIDE the trading software. John K stopped me out on their end. They did a “CQG data drop” (whatever that is) earlier and they are fixing it. Said they are on top of it now. They’ll fix it.

I sent a message to Chat on the software and no one is responding.