Can't exit positions from Tradovate

I can’t exit 2 x long positions from Tradovate, seems I’m stuck in this losing trade and can’t close out of these positions.
Can anyone offer some advice please.

Hi Simontrades, can you give more detail?

  1. Are the longs placed via the tradovate api?
  2. Are you getting an error when you attempting to sell the position?

I’m on Mac using Tradovate via the web app on Safari.
Placed order, 2 x contracts long position, tried exiting the trade using exit at market and cancel, exit all positions, logging out, shutting down computer, nothing worked. I tried this 12 times until eventually I was able to exit my trade with a loss. Lucky for me I was on ES Micros.
I’m sorry to say this however, I’m leaving Tradovate after this and many other issues with the platform overtime. I know NT have acquired TV however there seems no support from NT on the TV platform and seems to me that NT are letting TV go. What once was a great platform is now not reliable.