Can't exit trade

Here we go again with Tradovate. I’m in Demo mode and I can’t exit a trade, I have tried logging out many many times, canceling all open orders etc… I have tried everything and yet I can’t exit.
This is the second time and I’m thankful that I was NOT live however how do I exit?

Here’s another screen grab a few minuets later. Market has not moved however you notice now I’m down 250.
I have no open orders on the screen yet it’s keeping me this trade.

Hello Simontrades,

I took a look and the trade date is October 12, 2023. You posted 5 minute bars so it is difficult to tell the exact moment you placed the trade. The change from -2,875 to -250 can be explained as you placing an order (~2:35pm ET to ~2:39pm ET) that improved.
Using the last bar (same on both pictures), it appears you were trying to get out of the trade after the market had closed (5pm ET). Also explains why there was no price movement a few minutes later when the second screen grab was taken.


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