Order(limit) Fill speed & quality

I experimented a number of times placing LIMIT in Tradovate & Tradestation(same prices, same quantity(only 1 lot)) & for whatever reason it was significantly harder with tradovate to get filled. Watched as that price level got hit time and time and again and I was just not getting filled. Many times ended up having to get out at mkt. There must be additional reasons for this.

I think we all appreciate the hard work of the dev/CS team & esp. the flat fee scheme but the fills has been a flaw for me. Have also heard complaint about the abnormal size of slippage from multiple others.

Edit: Devs, from the 2 replies so far my temporary guess is orders are not “activated”(idk how) in a sense that would enable them to go live, until a threshold volume/# of trade ticks at the order’s price is reached, stop and limit alike. That would explain the slippage. Then it’s really not us few being fussy about 1 tick or 2… Thanks to anyone who has replied / will be replying.

Thanks to Edwin for bringing this up. I would love to see this addressed. Since I’ve used Tradovate, I’ve almost never gotten a sell filled at the ask as the market works through orders (or covered at the bid). Just thinking about it now, not sure if I’ve never gotten a partial fill like with other brokers. It takes price breaking through my limit in order to get filled, even when I’ve left an order on the books for some time, and should be toward the front of the queue.

I have used other major brokers in the past, but appreciate the margin available here and simplicity of the layout. I can say with years of experience that Tradovate is currently unable to provide the same execution as TD or Tradestation, and it’s disappointing to watch.

I have contacted the help desk once about extreme slippage on ES I experienced (after my stop price was hit, 1600 contracts traded before I was filled with 6 ticks of slippage), though no one replied, so it seems they are aware but it’s not a priority to work on. Similarly I avoid market orders like the plague on Tradovate, I almost never get filled truly at market, but something similar to frontrunning occurs where, even in the most liquid markets in the world, I get hit by a couple ticks.

All this makes me remember one last really odd trade that I’ve never witnessed before in years of trading, and should have had the presence of mind to take a screenshot. I was short MES or ES, price hit my stop, but my stop did not fill. I was shocked and couldn’t figure out what happened, so double-checked working orders, etc., but there it was right on the chart, clear as day, and I was still in the trade. It then worked back up to my stop and took me out normally, but just another odd data point that would be worth investigating.


Hey thats happened to me too, stops not getting taken out. I was long overnight, 4 or 6 lots hit target, 2 remaining lots were supposed to have stopped out. Mkt went gone below through the stop then came back up and next momrning I saw i still had 2 contracts on, like what the heck… very dangerous! Not anybody else?


Have any of you had a reply privately about this? I’m hoping to start trading live in the next week and I’m worried by these claims. I’m used to Interactive Broker who is pretty lightening fast.

Unfortunately, I’ve tried to use Tradovates support with platform refresh issues and I barely get responses too. Have had to call in to talk but it’s not the tech support people I talk to. It’s one of their main guys who’s great, but when I go through the proper way of tech support to really find an answer I don’t get a response. Kind of dissapointing. Hope they can catch up and compete soon. I love TPO charts and I don’t love what’s currently available. If they could get it together they could have a real advantage having the tpo access. Because it’s hard to find the right one without spending a fortune.

  1. Can confirm that it is harder to get filled, that sometimes the price spends time at that limit order level, but it retraces without getting a filled. This is more noticeable during Globex, with Schwab I didn’t have this issue as I would get filled right away.

  2. Have used Limit Stop orders, and have observed that it can trade through it without getting filled.

  3. When using market order it really seems to slip.

I am not sure if issue of fills is at the execution level from the backend to CQG.
I found the following video that shows the comparison between CQG and Tradovate both on the same settings with JigSaw.
(3) CQG vs Tradovate (Futures Data Feed Comparison) - YouTube


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I’d encourage you to contact the Trade Desk (not support) with order ids if you have any questions about fills. They will be able to go through all the details with you.

Its what Mike said - until price literally goes THRU your order it’s as if the order is non existent. The point here I believe is the way tdvt’s orders work is very weird altogether, instead of bad fills or whatnot. Whats supposed to happen is you keep getting partial filled by 1-2 cts until the full quantity. In ES NQ or whatever, 1-5 lots should get gobbled up like nothing. Whereas we have to watch orders sit there for 5+ trade ticks hitting that price then left with no option & get out manually and take the jumpy fills(not saying the fill is necessarily tradovate’s fault). Having to deal w this 7 out of 10 trades, like honestly. A bit unreal.

Was surprised there were no existing threads whatsoever about execution. Its written all over the internet since tdvt’s foundation like 5 years back. Not sure why we don’t seem to want to come out about it

Are you referring to how our simulation engine is filling your trades?

It seems the email address associated with this user does not have a live account

Of the several platforms I’ve tried both sim and live, how sim orders are filled doesn’t look too different from how live ones are filled. I would love for this not to be the case for Tradovate’s live orders though.

Live orders get filled by the exchange’s matching engine.

While Tradovate tries to mirror the filling algos as close as we can, reproducing the exchange’s matching algorithms with 100% accuracy in a simulation environment would be very difficult for any platform to achieve.

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@Edwin_Michael @Larvn It appears you are also referring to how orders are filled in simulation, correct? As we only see a demo account attached to your users.