2 micros' increased to 6 micros unknowingly (not by me) - Tradovate offered nothing but reimbursement of $25 margin Call, lost $500+

I had on 2 micro trades (I never trade more than this) and all of a sudden, I see some order for 6. I called tradovate to explain there is no way in hell I would trade any more than 2 orders and they said they cant do anything for me except give me my margin call reimbursement. This was after I have doubled a $300 to $650. When those 4 other trades tacked on to my existing 2 orders it was so out of the money it wasnt funny causing me to literally blow my account. The lady I spoke with basically stated they couldn’t do anything about it. I am a systems architect and cloud architect and I know there are variables they can look at to see what happened, but I guess this is not the case they just stated I kept adding to orders which is completely not the truth. Tradovate I hope you see this and help, I worked hard to double my account consistently and because of this it threw my entire trading psych out the door. Tradovate I expect some sort of help on this. It is not fair play to me that something lagged from your tradovate web, that somehow order routing execution from your end to cqg must have had a discrepancy. I checked and I had no ISP lag on my end and never lost any connection. Please reach out as this is very unfair to me. I am publicly posting this because I want others to see that being a dedicated client of yours over the past years, I did not receive any real help or fix but the measly $25 margin call reimbursement.

I am requesting replenishment of my account. I was so upset with this I revenge traded the last measly amount in the acct just to try to get some back. I am sure anyone in my shoes would be just as upset as I am. Tradovate please do something more for me than just offering me the $25 margin call back. Again, I will re-iterate that I did not execute 4 additional micro contracts to the 2 that I had existing.