Tradovate automatically entering me into positions!

Has this happened to anyone? Without clicking a thing or being near my mouse, tradovate enters me into random trades without my permission or action.

Please help as this could blow up my account if I’m not paying attention

Yes, this has happened to me also.
Today I started trading and I placed one contract for a 4 tick win and it placed me immediately into $375 debt.
I’m at the end of my time with Tradovate. Looking else where now.

Yes, that happens to me after a win using ATM (Bracket trading) on the DOM.
I will get my 2-4 points, then shortly thereafter, it will enter a trade that I did not initiate.

Make sure you set a low enough number for yourself in Accounts/Risk Settings/Daily Loss limit.
You can change this during the day if you hit the limit and want to continue trading.

Don’t set the limit too low, or a sharp candle tail could cause you a loss. (Been there).

Yes this happens to me on the app and is so frustrating. Caused me to miss a payment from apex as I had a windfall over 30%. Very pissed. Then on another lost 5k. Stupid