Platform Crashing

What is being done about the continuing loss of basic functionality of the platform? I currently have open positions and can’t even log in. This has been an ongoing problem that has only gotten worse.


Welcome to the club! Your first time??

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Same here! This has happened before as well! Watching Fed testimony and crashed twice. This time for 15 min at this writing.

haha apparently. I remember back in the day how terrible Ninja was with all this, guess they have made Tradovate their own already
I had an order to sell before it crashed, hopefully those are still working

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Still can’t back into TV. Shut down everything rebooted same screen.

Still locked out as well. Almost an hour now. Hope my exit orders executed.

I got an email when things crashed telling me my open orders. I’m hoping the executed, if not I feel like having that email will help out case if we have to contact them

Do you suppose anyone from TV reads this stuff? Still locked out

Try it again, I was able to log in!
Also my orders still worked

its been 30 minutes and i still cannot login, … what is going on tradovate ??

Try now, it started working

the carts look odd, indicators are not working and indicators are not showingup

Got into my account, no indicators in charts. Last time this happen I quit for the day going to do the same again

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I can log in, but the charts are completely blacked out. TradingView integration is also busted.

This is my first day with Tradovate, not a great first impression.

Tradovate does not have a robust backend to handle any kind of increase in volatility. It just stops.

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Traders need volatility to have trades move to earn money. yet when we get that, the platform fails.

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This is 100% the case. Literally any news event and the charts get messed up. Giant gaps, bars missing.

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I got screwed, today my self with this crash…
Even SL disappeared

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Move to Ninja Trader the app, hopefully the crashes will be less on that platform.

Will my tradovate account work on that app? it’s the same company?